An Information Technology Consultant Can Make Business Simple for Customers

As an information technology consultant, you can assure that you get more repeat customers by making it easy for them to do business with you. An information technology consultant that makes work seem easy for clients will also gain a good reputation within his community.

Simplicity Is Key

As an information technology consultant, you need to keep it simple for every customer in order to get through to him. Techniques for making things easy for your customer include quick phone response, immediate e-mail contact and in-home visits.

Quick Phone and E-Mail Response

Many customers have probably already spent time with other informational technology consultant firms waiting for customer service to speak with them. You can make yourself stand out by ensuring this never happens to your prospects. Make it a policy to return calls yourself within two hours or less; your prospects will feel more important, and be more receptive to your proposals. You should apply the same quick-time response to e-mails. You can give customers the option of sending you e-mails or even set up a website to manage their questions and concerns.

In-Home Consultations

An information technology consultant can boost business with in-home or in-office visits. You should schedule a specific time to meet with the client, rather than giving a three-hour window of possible times you or one of your consultants will show up on-site. When a customer has to block off an entire time period, he feels inconvenienced. If you can't finish the work you propose within the appointment time, offer to take work back with you to your office.


Convenience is key for customers in the information technology consultant market. You can achieve this through a website that allows clients to contact you at any time to comment on their concerns. You can implement items such as a scheduling page that lets people schedule appointments without having to wait for a return call. You can also use this space to include a FAQ page or other information.

Convenience is also part of an in-home or office visit. A client can go on working while you, the consultant work on solving problems, and the client doesn't have to drive anywhere.

Making business both easy and convenient for your customers as an information technology consultant will help build a long relationship and give you a positive reputation that will bring more customers to you in the future.